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A multi-targeting nutraceutical containing standardized ingredients that address key triggers of poor hair health including stress, DHT, free radicals, micro-inflammation, compromised nutrition, and hormone changes associated with menopause.

Designed with ingredients to improve strength, shine, texture, appearance, density, and nourish hair from within.

 Formulated with ingredients known to reduce symptoms of menopause, reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep, improve the appearance of skin and nails, and promote overall feelings of wellness.

Indications -
For adults entering, during, and after menopause experiencing hair-related changes.

Special Features
• Toxins and hormones may play a significant role in hair health during and after menopause. Enhanced with Maca root and Astaxanthin.
• Synergen Complex Plus® is a proprietary blend of standardized botanicals that target multiple factors affecting hair growth.*
• Nutrafol Blend® is a proprietary blend of amino acids and botanicals designed to provide bioavailable nutrient support for healthy hair production.

Key Players - 

Ashwaganda targets stress hormone, cortisol  

Astaxanthin targets oxidative stress 

Bio-curcumin targets micro-inflammation 

Collagen targets hair nutrition 

Tocotrienols target free radicals 

Saw Palmetto targets DHT hormone levels 

Maca targets hormone imbalances

Nutrafol products are responsibility sourced from all over the world and are made in the USA. 

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