Vérité Dermatology Boutique

HUM SKIN SQUAD Pre-Probiotic


nurtures the gut and clears skin

  • Formulated for acne-prone (non-cystic) skin
  • Supports a clear, even complexion
  • Balances the gut microbiome
  • 9 Strain Probiotic, 40 bn Organisms* and Prebiotic Konjac Root
  • 60 vegan capsules, 30 days

Prebiotics and probiotic strains have been selected that support skin health through the regulation of the expression of matrix metalloproteinase and enzymes that help skin breakdown and turnover for healthy skin. These organisms help decrease breakouts, create an even texture and tone, and hydrate the skin. Hum Nutrition's prebiotic konjac root helps feed the good bacteria into the gut to balance the gut microbiome. A more balanced gut leads to better outcomes with the skin. There are two types of probiotics in this formula: soil based and live strain. Soil-based probiotics can withstand environmental changes without losing their potency, helping to keep the formula shelf-stable and without the need for refrigeration. Live-strain probiotics help boost the immune system and protect-the skin-gut axis to improve skin barrier function. Patented Subtilis DE111 has been clinically shown to increase healthy amounts of bacteria in the gut (increase bifidobacterium, decrease E. coli). Bacillus Coagulans improved digestive health and immune function. L.rhamnosus HN001 was found to help prevent atopic dermatitis in high-risk infants.

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