Vérité Dermatology Boutique

French Girl Menthe Sea Soak

WHAT'S INSIDE: Our Mint Bath Salts are made with 6 salt varieties and infused with the delicate scent of Peppermint, herbaceous Rosemary, and relaxing Lavender to both soothe and energize. 

THE SUPERSTARS: Mediterranean Salt is rich in minerals like potassium and iodine that may help alleviate skin conditions and soothe the mind. Mineral-rich Dead Sea salt has been used for centuries to calm and soothe skin. Epsom Salts relax muscles and help loosen stiff joints.

SYNTHETIC-FREE FORMULA:  Plant Essential Oils provide an aromatherapeutic, spa-like experience without synthetic fragrances or chemical enhancers.

WELLNESS BENEFITS: Soothes aching muscles & joints, Encourages relaxation, Promotes self-care

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